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Omni-Matrix Fingerprint Lift
Unrivalled Sample Collection Tools for Forensic, Biometric and Healthcare DNA Profile & Genotyping

Omni-Matrix Sample Collection System components are specifically designed and manufactured for collection of trace amount of dried biological sample for forensic analysis. This is specifically applicable to touch samples. All components are validated to collect, retrieve and yield DNA profile from trace amount (~40 cells) using Gene Link’s Omni-Mag™ [Catalog#: 40-4100-XX], ABI PrepFiler®, Promega DNA-IQ® DNA extraction kits and with slight modification to Qiagen EZ1 & Investigator DNA extraction protocols.

Omni-Matrix™ Z20 and K105 matrix have been tested on all types of non-porous substrates (wood, plastic, glass, leather, ceramic etc.) to capture the biological samples with high efficiency and quantitatively release the captured material.


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